3 Ways to Make Adulting Less Difficult

With a new year comes a long list of resolutions. Some are fun—like getting more involved in a community, traveling out of the country, or spending time learning a sport or hobby that’s always interested you.

And some just aren’t quite so interesting. You know the ones. The ones that feel like chores. Things like managing money, preparing your taxes, and figuring out how to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

But fear not—it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. There are plenty of ways to do these things without feeling overwhelmed. And hey, some of them can even be exciting once you figure them out! Here are three simple ways you can make adulting easier this year.

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What People Really Think About Budgeting

Budgeting is all about freedom. It means you can put your money exactly where you want it. And it puts you in control of your goals.

That’s why a budget isn’t boring or restrictive. Because what’s boring about finding money you didn’t know you had?

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3 Images That Will Make Organizing Your Money Easy

Organizing your money doesn’t have to be a big ordeal! It can be simple and satisfying. All you need are ten minutes, your phone (or computer), and a giant piece of chocolate cake.

Okay, the cake isn’t strictly required, but we highly recommend it.

Here are three insider tips for creating an EveryDollar budget that would make a library look disorganized. Yeah, you’re that smart.

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