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How to Create Better Spending Habits

Spending money is a fact of life, albeit one of the fun ones.

Another fact of life: How you spend your money is just as important to your financial success as your decision to save or get out of debt.

Smart spending habits keep you from paying too much for an item, overspending on your restaurant budget, or impulse-buying an infomercial curling iron that doubles as a knife sharpener. Nobody needs that.

When you spend smarter, your money goes further. Read on to discover how you can break bad spending habits and create new, healthy ones.

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Online Grocery Shopping | EveryDollar

The Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

With online grocery services cropping up all over the place, you can fill your shopping cart from the comfort of your couch! And depending on the service, you’ll either receive those kitchen staples at your house or in your car.

That’s a lot of time and energy saved for a whole lot of shoppers.

But does online grocery shopping save money too? First, let’s take a look at the facts. Then, we’ll share what EveryDollar budgeters have to say about getting their groceries online.

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what do to when you go over or under budget

Over or Under Budget? What to Do in Both Cases

If a budget is a plan for your money (and it is!), what happens when things don’t go according to plan, and you’re either over budget or under budget?

Around here we practice the zero-based budget, which means income minus expenses equal zero. In other words, we account for every single dollar before we spend a penny.

An extra trip to the grocery store or a big drop in gas prices might mean you’re no longer hitting zero with your plan. If this happens, you may find yourself stressed out or resigned to a busted budget. But we think there’s plenty of room for easy action. Today we’ll cover what you can do to get those numbers back to zero.

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How to Stick to Your Budget

A budget should be a reflection of your life.

Think of it as a cozy, well-maintained house for your money—the kind with paint colors Joanna Gaines would love and furniture made by the hottest new designers. In this case, you’re the designer, so you decide where your money goes each month.

That means if you want to shop a big sale or go out to eat more often, no problem. Just arrange it in your budget first. And if you want to save for a new couch or put money toward debt, that’s fantastic! Dedicate some space for it.

The trouble comes when you start overspending in your restaurant budget then “sneak” money from your sofa savings to pay for your fast food cravings. Remember, your budget isn’t open concept; it has separate rooms for a reason.

Let’s discuss some simple housekeeping tips for a beautifully balanced budget.

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Remodeled sink in kichen

How to Budget for a Home Remodel

With the popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, and our good friends Chip and Joanna, a big home remodel is pretty much always on our minds.

Of course, there’s a big difference between thinking and doing. Want to know what lies in the gap? Your budget. You can use your budget to plan, save, and make your home improvement dreams a reality. We’ll show you how!

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