How to Set Up Your Christmas Spending Budget

How to Set Up Your Christmas Spending Budget

“Shopping time is here. Endless lines and fear. Fun for all who love to brawl with super stressed cashiers.” In case you didn’t catch it, that was our Weird Al-esque version of the song made popular by the Charlie Brown Christmas movie: “Christmas Time Is Here.”

Did you know Americans are expected to spend around $720 billion this holiday season?(1) That’s a lot of photo cards, candy canes, Michael Bublé CDs, Santa hats, plush novelty socks, and sparkly ornaments. But unless you intend on skipping Christmas this year, you’re going to find yourself a part of that $720 billion.

To keep from completely “sleighing” your bank account, though, set up your budget and stick to it like sap on a real fir tree.

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Don't Forget These in Your December Budget

10 Commonly Missed Items in Your December Budget

It’s that time of year again. You know you’ll get caught up in the parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow. But before you can relax to the sound of those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring-ting tingle-ing too . . . you’ve got to get your budget ready for the most wonderful month of the year. Santa checks his list twice, so make sure you get your list—that December budget—prepped!

Be financially ready to jingle all the way by making sure these 10 commonly missed items are in your December budget.

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Pile of leaves

7 Tips to Being Content With Your Money

Contentment doesn’t come when we have enough but, rather, when we see that what we have is enough.

It’s easy to say, right? Wrap a watercolor wreath around that quote and stick it in a frame or your Instagram story. But when you put those inspirational words into practice, it’s something totally different.

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to pause from the frantic nature of the rest of our lives and take a moment to truly live in contentment. Even when it seems there’s not a lot to be thankful for, there’s always something worthy of our gratefulness.

And guess what? Contentment doesn’t mean we drop our money goals or budget hustles. (That sounds like a killer dance move.) But it might be time to do some financial refocusing.

How about we think on these seven tips to being content during the holidays—and all year round!

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Stocking with money

25 Tips to Save Money This Christmas

Can you hear those yuletide carols being sung by a choir? That’s because it’s the hap-happiest season of all! But before you start mistletoe-ing with hearts a-glowing, you’ve probably got an awful lot of shopping, baking and gingerbread-house making to do.


If you want to keep rocking around the Christmas tree without racking up the Christmas debt, you can be more thoughtful in your spending and saving this season. How? We’re glad you asked. Sure, there’s no bow, but we’ve got a gift for you—25 tips on how to save money this Christmas.

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How to Set Up Your Black Friday Budget and Shopping Plan

How to Set Up Your Black Friday Budget and Shopping Plan

It might be hard to believe, but in just days, you’ll be clearing the turkey and gravy from the table and napping in front of the TV with football or parades in the background. You’ve got to rest up and prepare for the next big event of the season—Black Friday shopping.

Whether you prefer tackling your opponents for the last $5 Easy Bake Oven or shopping from the safety of your sofa, you’ve got to develop a pregame strategy. If you don’t want a technical foul called on your budget, you’ve got some work to do. We’re here to share some steps to help you win as you set up your Black Friday budget and shopping plan this year.

Ready. Set. Hike.

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