What Helps You Get Ahead Faster: Making More or Spending Less?

We hear it all the time.

People think they can’t reach their goals because they don’t make enough money. Part of the problem could be their paycheck. But an equally important, if not more important, part is where the money from their paycheck goes.

If you want to get ahead, you need to spend less than you make. It isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it’s the only way you can reach the goals you set for your family. If you don’t make a plan for every dollar, those little green bills will disappear—whether you make $40,000 or $100,000!

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Real Budgeter Stories: Why I Quit Using Spreadsheets

If you’ve ever budgeted with a spreadsheet, you know how time-consuming and complicated it can be. You have to create everything from scratch, use complex formulas, and keep a stack of receipts around so you can update the budget whenever you get a moment to yourself.

Like that’s going to happen any time soon!

Thankfully, you can kiss those spreadsheets goodbye. EveryDollar does the heavy lifting for you, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the money you’re saving.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what these budgeters said when we asked them why they prefer EveryDollar over those complicated spreadsheets.

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7 Tips That Helped These Real Budgeters Save Money

Ah, saving money. Whether you call it a nest egg, a stash, or a rainy day fund, most of us feel comforted by having an extra cushion between us and life’s next emergency. But following through with building up that stockpile of cash can be easier said than done.

If your emergency fund is currently at zero, begin adding to it little by little. You might be surprised at how soon you reach your savings goal. You can do it!

Our EveryDollar budgeters, armed with the power of their budgets in hand, are creating their own savings goals. And it’s paying off! We asked them to share their words of wisdom when it comes to saving money.

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how this teacher found $400

How One Teacher Found $400 a Month to Pay Down Debt

When Katie B. from Zanesville, Ohio, left the corporate world for a new career as a high school business teacher, she knew the 50% drop in her pay would require some financial adjustments.

Having followed in her dad’s footsteps to a career in business, Katie found the work took too much time away from her family. In an effort to reclaim her schedule while still pursuing her passion for business, she decided to teach instead.

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10 Budgeters Share the Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

With online grocery services cropping up all over the place, you can now fill your shopping cart from anywhere! Depending on the service, they’ll either deliver your kitchen staples to your house or to your car. That’s a lot of time and hassle saved for a lot of shoppers.

But does it equal money saved too? We asked EveryDollar budgeters to weigh in on the pros and cons of groceries-on-demand. Here’s what they had to say:

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