Woman holding phone and credit card

The Debt Snowball: How and Why this Method Works

Take just a few minutes to think about your debt—really think about it—and you’ll no doubt begin to feel overwhelmed.

It’s weird, isn’t it? You might spend years swiping credit cards and signing for loans without a moment’s hesitation. And then one day you wake up with a gasp and a realization:

I have to get rid of all this debt!

But like most things that take time to build up, paying off debt doesn’t happen overnight. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Plenty of folks in the EveryDollar community have been right where you are.

And we’re here to offer you the best method for getting rid of debt faster and easier than you ever thought possible: the debt snowball.

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Students at a college graduation

How to Pay for College Without Student Loans

It goes without saying that college is not cheap and more often than not leaves graduates drowning in debt.

Here’s why: When we don’t talk about the hard stuff—even the obviously hard stuff like money and finances—we often end up taking the easiest path. For college students this path is paved with loans and lots of them!

Thankfully, if you just kick your brain into high gear and think about the hard stuff, you’ll find plenty of options to pay for school with zero debt. And we’re here to help with some alternatives to paying for college with student loans.

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group of people at the movie theater

Does MoviePass Really Save You Money?

Everybody’s talking about MoviePass. Your neighbor, your coworker, your nephew and all their mamas are in on the latest subscription craze. And maybe you’d like to be too.

Of course, as the budget-conscious person that you are, you want to make sure your dollars are put to good use (fist bump emoji coming at you!).

Lucky for you, we’re bringing all things MoviePass your way with a thorough breakdown, including what the subscription really costs and why you might want to give it a try.

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Home-made Valentine

Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Budget

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, don’t spend big, spend smart! The latest report from the National Retail Federation says couples spent an average of $136.57 on their Valentine’s Day gifts and plans last year.¹ And that’s just the average! We think EveryDollar budgeters can do better than that by budgeting better and spending less. After all, when you spend less money on Valentine’s Day, you have more money to put toward saving and building a future together.

Take a look at our money-saving ideas and start a new (and less expensive!) Valentine’s Day tradition.

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Plan for these 8 common budget expenses in February

6 Things to Budget for in February

Let’s take a moment to remember what makes next month unique before we create February’s budget.

Two big events come to mind for February: Groundhog Day and the NBA All-Star Weekend. What? Were you thinking of a different national holiday and sporting event?

With so much going on like Valentine’s Day and the Big Game, it can be easy to forget about the smaller things. But don’t worry—this list has you covered. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss any of these common February-specific expenses.

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