create your savings plan for Christmas

September Challenge: Create Your Christmas Savings Plan

Christmas is right around the corner. Well, sort of . . .

The holiday shopping season is still roughly three months away, but now is the best time to create a plan for how much you want to spend. Here’s why: The sooner you make a budget and start saving for gifts and decorations, the sooner you’ll crush any shopping-season stress that pops up.

This month’s challenge is all about keeping your Christmas self happy, healthy and debt-free. Wouldn’t that be nice? Here are three simple steps for getting the Christmas budget you want this year:

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How This Busy Family Stays Focused on Paying Off Debt

Keeping up with your budget can be a challenge when you’re a busy family. Just ask Jimmy C. and his wife, who live in South Carolina. With two boys and a hectic schedule, they struggled to keep up with their money. In fact, they’d gotten off track with their spending, too.

Then Jimmy found EveryDollar.

“I looked at a couple of other budget tracking apps, but I didn’t find anything like what I wanted. When it [EveryDollar] finally came out, I got it pretty quick,” Jimmy said.

And it was exactly what the couple needed to get back on track. With the app on their phones, they could keep up with their money in real time.

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9 Budgeters Share Money Tips That Really Work

Budgeting is simple, but it’s not an exact science. That’s because no two families are exactly the same—and no two budgets are either.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all amount everyone should budget for food, clothing, childcare or car insurance. It varies based on your family, location and income.

But that doesn’t mean budgeting has to be confusing!

If you’re budgeting for the first time, or simply trying to get your money back on track, there’s plenty you can do to make things easier on yourself. We asked several EveryDollar budgeters to share how they’re winning with money on a daily basis.

Here’s what they had to say in nine easy (and seriously practical!) tips:

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How This Couple Finally Hit Their Money Goals

Like many couples, Michael T. and his wife Lisa were on different pages about money. For one thing, they struggled with how to best keep track of their income.

I had a complicated Excel spreadsheet that I would try to show her and get her to use and follow. And this was before we were married, when we had separate bank accounts. My spreadsheet was formatted in such a way that only made sense to me. For somebody who’s not a budgeting nerd, it was hard for her to follow.”

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