what i wish i'd known about student loans

Real Budgeter Stories: What I Wish I’d Known About Student Loans

We all agree that education is important, but student loan debt in the United States recently topped $1.4 trillion. Yes, you read that right. Not million. Not billion. Trillion. That’s enough zeros to make your head spin!

And the worst part is that most students (and their parents) don’t know what they’re really getting into when they sign on the dotted line. We asked EveryDollar budgeters to share what they wish they had known about student loans before agreeing to take them on. Here’s what they said:

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How This EveryDollar Couple Paid Cash for a Truck

When Joanna made the trip from New Zealand to Colorado, she didn’t expect to make the United States her home. “I came over to stay with a lady on a ranch who needed someone to help train horses,” she explained. It sounded like fun, so she hopped on a plane and came over.

Less than a week after she arrived, she met Mark, the man who would soon become her husband.

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How to Budget Without a Spreadsheet


Maybe just looking at that little six-letter word makes your stomach churn. One glance and you have visions of oversized calculators, complicated spreadsheets, and confusing formulas that make your head spin.

But what if you could budget without all that hassle?

Good news: You can! With the EveryDollar app, budgeting is easy. In fact, even if you’ve never made a budget in your life, you (that’s right—you!) can create a plan for your money in three simple steps. And the best part—it only takes 10 minutes.

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Find an Extra $100 in Your Budget

There are tons of ways to spend money in July—fireworks, vacations and cookouts to name a few. But the month is also full of ways to find extra money!

Our July challenge is to locate an extra $100 within your budget. Or, pick an amount of your choice! Depending on your monthly budget, you could aim for a lower or higher amount. Just pick a target and aim. Chances are, a few minor spending tweaks will do the trick. You probably won’t notice any lifestyle difference, but you’ll definitely notice the extra money! It will then be yours to spend, save or give. Here’s how you can find it.

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Cable Alternatives That Will Free Up $768 in Your Budget

We Americans love our cable TV. We must, because according to Business Insider, we pay $768 a year on average for it.

But cable isn’t the only way we can keep up with the news, watch our favorite sports team, or learn which stars are no longer dancing. There are options that cost much less and can free up that $768 in your budget to go toward something else—say, a Baby Step?

Check out these seven options for getting the same shows at a lower cost.

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