4 Ways to Save Money for Summer Fun

4 Ways to Save for Summer Fun

No matter how old we get, summer still holds a special appeal.

By the time June rolls around our thoughts roam from swimming pools to the beach to water parks and back to swimming pools. Once the hot weather hits, we’re all about summer fun!

The only downside is summer fun can get a little pricey. And we’re here to help! Here are a few ideas for cutting costs and saving cash, so you can make room in your budget for the stuff summers are made of.

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10 Commonly Missed Expenses for June

10 Most Commonly Missed Expenses for June

Everyone’s ready for the warm weather—and June will be here before we know it! You can just hear that beach vacation or summer festival calling your name! But first things first: Let’s get your June budget ready, so you can soak up the sun in peace.

Look out for these common expenses when creating your budget this month.

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Woman standing with white car

How to Buy a Used Car

When it comes down to it, cars just get us from one spot to another. Pretty simple, right?

Of course, simple doesn’t quite define the process of looking for, choosing, and then buying a car. This is where things get complicated. But don’t worry. We’re here to help!

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Teenage girl working at bakery

17 Ways for Your Kids to Earn Money This Summer

At some point on summer break from school, all kids find themselves doing the same thing—lying around the house, complaining about being bored, and looking for something to do.

And it isn’t long before they’re demanding rides around town and cash from their parents’ wallets. Get ahead of these problems by introducing your kids to the wonder of a summer job. With honest work on the agenda, they’ll keep boredom at bay and pocket some spending money. It’s a win for the whole family!

Here are some age-appropriate job ideas to try:

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Woman at garbage sale with cash in her hands

How to Make More Money at Your Summer Garage Sale

If you’re ready to clear some clutter out of your house and make extra money in the process, then grab your price tags and a pen—it’s time for a garage sale! But before you go sticking a sign in your front lawn, consider these tips for increasing your profits. With a few extra touches, you could earn enough selling your clothes, books and treadmill to finish off that $1,000 emergency fund, even pay off a debt or go on a little summer getaway!

Why wait any longer? Let’s get to work!

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