5 Things to Plan for in October

With fall break trips to plan, Halloween costumes to buy, and pumpkins to carve, we’ve got a lot to plan for in October. Plus, with the turn of a season, there’s always a good sale on last season’s big buys (hint: now is a good time to buy a new outdoor patio set).

Let’s get started planning opportunities to save and spend in October!

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3 Grocery Shopping Habits That Are Costing Everyone Time and Money

Grocery shopping is one of those don’t-want-to-but-have-to tasks in life.

It takes too long, costs too much, and oftentimes involves way more patience than you bargained for (we’re looking at you, dude in front of us with a cart full of individual yogurts and five price checks).

While we can’t help with the slow guy in line, we can help with the time and money parts of your trip. Here are three costly grocery-shopping habits and how to break free from them.

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How This Couple Found an Extra $400 in One Month

Within their first month of budgeting with EveryDollar, Scott and Joanna F. found an extra $400 to put toward their emergency fund. What they found in money, they lost in stress.

“When EveryDollar came out, we were really trying to finish up our emergency fund—and it just felt like it was taking so much longer than we wanted.” Joanna says. “I think the visual nature of EveryDollar is what really helped us, because we could see the numbers better.”

Little did they know, they were about to unlock a world of freedom with a better budget!

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5 Signs You Need a Budget

Think about your morning commute.

You’re probably dodging in and out of traffic, sitting through a couple school zones, and checking your phone at every red light to find a way around construction delays and fender benders.

HONK! Then there’s Mr. Road Rage behind you.

By the time you get to your final destination, you’re tense and exhausted. But you haven’t really done anything yet.

That’s what life without a budget can feel like. You’re constantly thinking about your money and shuffling it from place to place, but you’re not really in control of it.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could handle your money without all the stress? We know you can, because we’ve seen more than a million people do it with EveryDollar! Here are five signs you need a budget—ASAP.

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The Surprising Way to Save $1,500 on Groceries

Americans waste a ton of food. Like one in four bags of groceries, according to Consumer Reports.

What’s more surprising is how much money we’re losing on all that food waste: For a family of four, it adds up to about $1,500 a year! That’s basically a week on the beach.

So if you find yourself tossing out more wilted celery or way-past-the-expiration-date greek yogurt than you’d like, we have a simple plan to help! Here are six steps to saving more food and more money.

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