11 Things to Plan for in April

April is on the horizon. With it comes the tax deadline, a day full of pranks, and the showers that bring May flowers. The best way to be ready for April’s expenses is to make a budget designed just for this month.

Preparing your budget early makes it easier to relax and enjoy springtime. Here are 11 common costs to plan for in April:

1. Home repairs. Your living room might need new paint or it could be time to replace those foggy kitchen windows. Decide if you’d like a pro to handle the job (and price shop to get the best deal) or make it a DIY project. Then make room in your budget.

2. Lawn/outdoor purchases. April is National Lawn Care Month! It’s the perfect time to spread a layer of mulch or plant those new sunflowers. Get your green thumb on this spring!

3. Extra allergy medicines. You may live in an area where it’s hard to enjoy going outside without a Claritin or two. Adjust your budget if you need to buy medicines to help you breathe in the fresh air.

4. Admin Professional Day. April 27 is the day we tell our administrative assistants how much they rock! That could mean chipping in for flowers or picking up their check when the department goes out to lunch.

5. Vehicle care. Cars need maintenance every so often. If your ride is due for an oil change or transmission fluid flush in April, budget for it and then start a “car care” savings fund. That way, you’ll be ready for your next visit to the auto shop near the end of the year.

6. Garage/estate sales. You don’t have to drive far to find garage or estate sales and the great bargains that go with them. As far as estate sales go, do your homework on the items you want before making any bids.

7. Family photo sessions. Round up your family, dress them in their Sunday best, and head to a field of flowers for your yearly family pictures. Do some research on your photographer’s price package first to make sure it’s got everything you want.

8. Summer vacation savings. That beach/theme park/see-the-relatives trip you’ve been dreaming about is fast approaching! Use these last pre-summer months to save for hotel rooms, food and entertainment.

9. Spring clothes. April is when clothing stores have special offers on sweaters, boots and raincoats. You can also find sales on summer clothes during this transitional season. Set some money aside so you can snatch good deals, and don’t forget about those wonderful consignment shops!

10. Taxes. If you owe taxes, pay them and then adjust your withholdings so Uncle Sam doesn’t get you next April. Put any refund you receive into your budget so you get the most out of it!

11. Camping trips. In addition to the staples (bug spray, snacks, hiking gear) you need to factor your location into the budget. A campground with showers and electricity hookups costs more than simply roughing it in the middle of the woods.

Flipping your calendar to April means two things: warm days are ahead, and you have a fresh start with your money. Now is the time to create your EveryDollar budget and take charge of how you spend and save. Having that control feels better than a 70-and-sunny day off!