3 Budgeting Features We Love (And You Will Too)

You can use EveryDollar to create a budget, manage money, and track spending from virtually anywhere, whether you’re using a computer, iPhone or Android. Plus, it automatically syncs across all your devices—so you’re always up to date!

It’s also helped thousands of people save money, get out of debt, and hit their financial goals.

That’s all pretty awesome. But that’s not all this tool can do. Check out these three cool EveryDollar features that you may not know about yet.

1. Multi-Transaction Drop

You go grocery shopping and think you got everything you needed. Ding! But when you get home, you realize you forgot to buy two crucial ingredients for your dinner! Back out you go. Ding! Another grocery transaction. Then, two days later, you make another pit stop at the store. Ding!

Before you know it, you’ve gone to the grocery store three or four times. That’s a lot of little transactions to drag and drop. But if you have EveryDollar Plus, you don’t have to assign them to a category one by one. Instead, you can select all the grocery transactions at once and drag them into their designated category.

Yes, it’s that easy!

drag and drop transactions

2. Split Transactions

But what if you picked up some toothpaste and shampoo while you were buying things for dinner? Those items don’t need to go in your grocery budget.

No worries. EveryDollar lets you split transactions into separate categories. Say you spent $50 at the grocery store. Instead of typing in two separate transactions, you can spare your fingers the stress and split a single transaction into two (or more!).

And the best part is that you can split your transactions right there on your phone using the app. No computer required.

split transactions

3. Debt Reduction Tool

Getting out of debt takes a lot of hard work. Budgeting and tracking your progress don’t need to be hard, too.

If you’re using EveryDollar Plus on your computer, you can plug in each debt, the amount you owe and the minimum monthly payment. Then you can step back and watch in awe as EveryDollar automatically sorts everything from smallest to largest.

Pretty cool, right? This lets you see all your payments at a glance and easily know which one to tackle first. And trust us—it’s going to feel great to watch that list get smaller and smaller as you pay each debt off.

pay off debt

With features like this, EveryDollar makes budgeting easy, fun and convenient! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for EveryDollar and give these features a try today!