10 Items to Add to Your September Budget

Are You Budgeting for These 10 Expenses in September?

September is almost here! Say hello to cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and fall sports leagues for the kids. There’s a lot to enjoy--and you’ll enjoy it even more once you’ve budgeted for the costs and opportunities this month.

Here are 10 expenses to consider for your September budget!

1. Fall foods. There’s no shortage of snacks and dishes with a fall flavor. Whether it’s pumpkin muffins, caramel apple cookies, or a yummy coffee concoction, spice up your food budget first. Then go all autumn on your eats!

2. Fall activities. You may love picking apples from the orchard, going to your child’s fall festival at school, or taking in a Friday night football game. The season for those activities (and many more) is here again! Set aside a little money for them and have a lot of fun.

3. Summer clothes. To make room for fall fashions, retailers are moving summer apparel and swimsuits to the clearance racks and dropping the prices. Have your clothing budget ready so you can grab those major discounts.

4. Christmas Gifts. It may feel like Christmas is ages away, but the holiday season will sneak up on you before you know it. Instead of scraping by at the last second to pay for all those presents, add a Christmas gift category to your fall budget now and save a little at a time. Trust us, those extra few months of saving add up!

5. Labor Day cookout. If a long weekend out of town isn’t in the cards for your family, do the next best thing—have a cookout over Labor Day weekend! Budget for food, drinks and desserts. Then have a delicious summer send-off.

6. Next year’s summer vacation. You may be saying, “What?” And we’re saying, “You heard us!” You love those beach or theme-park vacations. And if you start saving now, then you have several months to prepare for a first-rate getaway when summer rolls around.

7. Lawn mower. Your old push mower may take a few too many pulls on the cord to get going. If so, September is a great time to find deals on newer models.

8. Autumn decorations. It’s the month to decorate your house with fall-colored flowers, DIY door wreaths, and cozy blankets. Set some money aside to purchase some fall décor or create a few autumn-themed ideas from Pinterest.

9. Family photos. You might have relatives who’d love to get some new pictures of your kids and family, or maybe you want to send out a Christmas card photo this year. If so, now is a great time to take your annual family photos!

10. Reseeding your lawn. The grass may seem greener on the other side—especially if there are bare spots and cracked dirt on yours. If you want a postcard-perfect lawn by next spring, then September is the right time to reseed.

When you give every dollar a name, you can spend your money with control and without guilt. And perhaps more importantly, you can afford to make those pumpkin muffins!

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