10 Most Commonly Missed Expenses for June

June will be here before you know it, and everyone’s ready for the warm weather. You can just hear that beach vacation or summer festival calling your name! But first things first: Let’s get your June budget ready now so you can soak up the sun in peace.

Look out for these common expenses when creating your budget this month.

1. Father’s Day: Dads have a big job, and it means a lot to them when you say thanks—whether it’s in the form of power tools or a visit to their favorite pizza joint.

2. Festivals: A lot of towns like to host summer festivals. These events celebrate everything from banana splits to disco to sawdust art. There’s something for everyone! Pick one that sounds enjoyable and have some festival fun!

3. Lawn care: You may want to hire someone to cut your grass or pull weeds this summer, so shop around and compare prices. You can also ask your neighbors if they know of any teenagers who are looking to make extra money. They’ll make some summer cash and you’ll save money—it’s a win-win!

4. Farmers’ markets: Few things taste as delicious as locally grown fruits and vegetables from a farmers’ market. But before you chow down on that fresh produce, make sure you’ve made room for it in your food budget.

5. Vacations: Planning a vacation is fun, but you’ll enjoy that getaway a lot more when you know it’s paid for! Create a plan for your trip that includes the cost of food, gas, lodging, attractions, and souvenirs.

6. Summer reading: You and your family may have a summer reading list to begin tackling this month. Set money aside to buy the books on your list or, better yet, see if you can check them out from your local library. Some libraries even offer e-readers preloaded with the books you want so you can have them all in one place!

7. Wedding gifts: June is a popular month for people to tie the knot. If someone invites you to their big ceremony, budget for a new outfit and the gravy boat from their wedding registry.

8. Graduation gifts and parties: While we’re on the subject of big life events happening in June, let’s not forget graduation (for some of you this could have happened in May). Don’t forget to start budgeting for gifts once those graduation announcements start rolling in.

9. Physicals: If you have children participating in school sports this fall, June is a good time for your doctor to clear them. Get ready to pay for physicals before the children suit up to play.

10. Fourth of July weekend: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Independence Day is always in the first week of July, and that means you could be in for a fun-filled extended weekend! If you want to take a trip, host a cookout, or shoot off fireworks with the kids, save a little in June so you are ready for this early expense next month.

Making a budget for your hot-weather activities doesn’t have to take away your summer fun. In fact, it should help you have an even better time! Telling your money where to go keeps you from wondering where it went, and that makes it a lot easier to enjoy lounging on the beach or reading a good book.

Get ready for June by creating your budget with EveryDollar—it’s free and takes less than 10 minutes!