7 Money Truths to Help You Spend Smarter and Live Happier

7 Money Truths to Help You Spend Smarter and Live Happier

Even the best of budgeters can get sidetracked with comparisons. Especially during a season of spending!

That’s why we wanted to take a moment and encourage you to look past the comparisons all around you. Focus on the fun you budgeted for, not what everyone else is posting to social media.

When you make a budget for your money, you’re making a plan for your family’s future. There’s no holiday wish that can top that! Let the comparisons go and stick to your plan.

Here are seven budget truths for a more calm and relaxed holiday season.

Don’t compare your life or your budget to other people. Stay true to you. And if you mess up, don’t stress! Course-correct and keep going. #FullSteamAhead

life isn

If you aren’t happy with something in your life, change it! Perspective is everything. #ThisIsYourOtherSide

the grass is greener where you water it

Save for your goals and spend within your means. It matters. You’re working toward a better future. #MakeItCount

what you

A budget doesn’t restrict your fun. It makes your fun compatible with your bank account. #ChaChing!

enjoy life on a budget

Don’t compare yourself to the car next to you . . . or behind you . . . or in front of you. Maintain your lane. And keep focused on the road ahead. #SmartCar

comparison attracts debt

You deserve that new phone or that vacation when you can afford to save up and pay cash. #WaitForIt


You won’t succeed by accident. Stay intentional and budget every month. You will win. #BeMoreIntentional

success is always planned for

Did we mention you’re doing a great job? Because you are. Stay encouraged and comparison-free this season!

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