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7 Tips to Being Content With Your Money

Contentment doesn’t come when we have enough but, rather, when we see that what we have is enough.

It’s easy to say, right? Wrap a watercolor wreath around that quote and stick it in a frame or your Instagram story. But when you put those inspirational words into practice, it’s something totally different.

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to pause from the frantic nature of the rest of our lives and take a moment to truly live in contentment. Even when it seems there’s not a lot to be thankful for, there’s always something worthy of our gratefulness.

And guess what? Contentment doesn’t mean we drop our money goals or budget hustles. (That sounds like a killer dance move.) But it might be time to do some financial refocusing.

How about we think on these seven tips to being content during the holidays—and all year round!

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10 Ways to Reward Yourself That Won’t Bust Your Budget

10 Ways to Reward Yourself That Won’t Bust Your Budget

You’ve been plugging away for months creating zero-based budgets, logging your transactions, paying down debt, and saving up for emergencies.

Maybe you’ve been budgeting for years, but you just started streamlining the process with the EveryDollar app. Maybe this entire budgeting concept is completely new to you. In any case, if you’ve been working hard at crushing those goals, it’s time to reward yourself. You know what they say: “All work and no reward make for one burnt-out budgeter,” or something like that.

You might think rewards sound expensive. The truth is rewarding yourself can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t neglect treating yourself just because you think your new budgeting lifestyle can’t handle it. There are plenty of ways to reward yourself that won’t bust your budget. And because you know we’ve got your back, we’ve come up with a solid list of thrifty or free ways to do just that!

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9 Money Truths Everyone Needs for a Stress-Free 2017

9 Money Truths Everyone Needs for a Stress-Free 2017

If we’re being honest, we realize budgeting gets a bad rap. People think it’s a lot of math. And boring. And restrictive.

But the truth about budgeting is way different! That’s because a budget allows you to spend with confidence and without guilt. It’s a time-saver and a money-saver. It’s a mental breather.

And we all could use more of that in our lives. Here are nine you-need-to-hear-these budgeting truths for the new year. Get started and stop worrying.

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list 3 things you are grateful for

May Challenge: List 3 Things That You Are Grateful For

If you often find yourself saying “If I only had enough money to …” or “I wish we had their income so we could take a nice vacation,” you aren’t alone. It’s tough to find contentment when you’re constantly thinking about what you’d like to have.

But one way to view your money and life differently is to focus on the blessings you have right now. That’s our May challenge—list three things you are grateful for right now.

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