Budgeting with Ramsey Plus

5 Ways Ramsey+ Helps You Budget Better

EveryDollar's a fantastic budgeting tool. But if you want to crush those money goals even quicker, you should give Ramsey+ a free test-drive. You’re probably asking yourself: What is Ramsey+, and—more importantly—how does it help me become a better budgeter?

That’s exactly the question we’re ready to answer, right here, right now.

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bowl of dog food and toys

How to Budget for Your Pet

Based on the breakdown you’ll see in our charts below, pets cost around $560–1,764 a year.

Wowzer. That’s a lot. Kind of makes you paws and think. (See what we did there?) So why do people have pets anyway?

Because you can’t put a price tag on love, some would say. Pets are more than animals. They’re pals. Still, you can put a price tag on them, if we’re being literal. (Litter-al?) It’s just that they’re worth every penny.

Maybe you’re thinking about taking the plunge into pet ownership. There’s a lot to think about, and the puggle is real. Or maybe you already have a pet and you’re trying to figure out how to get man’s best friend into the world’s best budget (our app, of course—EveryDollar). Either way, we’re here to help. We’ve got some stats and info to get your mind and budget pet-ready.

So are you ready? Purrfect. (Yeah. The pet puns aren’t going to stop any time soon.)

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How to Close Out Your Monthly Budget

When you were young, you probably believed in the tooth fairy: a spritely creature with an affinity for enamel who fluttered in and traded quarters for dislodged teeth.

You’re all grown up now and put those flights of fancy behind you—yet maybe you still hope for a budget fairy to track your expenses, update your spending totals, and set up next month’s budget categories.

Nope. This is the real world, with adult teeth and adult financial responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is closing out your monthly budget. Even though that sounds overwhelming or like one more task to clutter your to-do list, it isn’t that bad. We promise.

If you want to know how to close out your monthly budget, you don’t need magic. You just need to follow these five, simple steps. 

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Woman holding iPhone tracking spending using the EveryDollar budgeting app

How to Track Your Expenses

If you want to win with money, you have to change your actions with money. The way you do that is to make a budget and then stick to it. The way you do that is to track your expenses. Maybe this is new terminology for you—but don’t be intimidated. We can give you the information you need to move forward in your money journey (with confidence!) while moving away from whatever’s been holding you back.

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