How to Manage Your Money on the Go

How to Manage Your Money on the Go

Sometimes managing money is tough simply because you’re busy. But don’t let your busyness get in the way of making your money work as hard as you do.

You need a budgeting tool that makes it easy to budget on the go. Life is hectic, but budgeting shouldn’t be.

1. Get a budgeting app.

You’ll have everything literally in the palm of your hands. You can budget wherever whenever, because your budget is with you always—not stuck in a spreadsheet on your computer or in a notebook on your desk. We suggest the EveryDollar app, of course. You’ll see why as we go.

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3 New EveryDollar Features to Help You Budget Better Than Ever

“I have tried basically every budgeting app under the sun, and this is the one I've actually stuck with! Super easy to use, and it will make you a better, more conscious spender!" — EveryDollar user, @whaleface

We agree, @whaleface. Not only do you have a creative username, you also have excellent taste in budgeting apps.

And since we want you to get the fullest and best use out of EveryDollar, we aren’t going to sit on these features. We’re going to share them. So turn down the lights and raise the curtains: It’s time to show and tell EveryDollar’s latest and greatest feature updates.

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How to Close Out Your Monthly Budget

When you were young, you probably believed in the tooth fairy: a spritely creature with an affinity for enamel who fluttered in and traded quarters for dislodged teeth.

You’re all grown up now and put those flights of fancy behind you—yet maybe you still hope for a budget fairy to track your expenses, update your spending totals, and set up next month’s budget categories.

Nope. This is the real world, with adult teeth and adult financial responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is closing out your monthly budget. Even though that sounds overwhelming or like one more task to clutter your to-do list, it isn’t that bad. We promise.

If you want to know how to close out your monthly budget, you don’t need magic. You just need to follow these five, simple steps. 

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2 Budgeting Features That Will Save You Time and Money

2 Budgeting Features That Will Save You Time and Money

Some people may think budgeting is a chore, but EveryDollar makes managing money simple, fun and easy. You don’t have to worry about spreadsheets, formulas—or dealing with all that math.

Instead, you can easily create a budget, track your transactions and see exactly how much money you have left to spend for the rest of the month. Bonus: you can even use it to keep up with your big money goals—whether you want to pay off debt fast or save up to buy a home!

No matter what your money goals are this year, you can use EveryDollar to reach them. Here are two specific budgeting features that can help you along the way.

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