July Challenge: Christmas in July

How to Budget for an All Cash Christmas

Did you know Christmas used to be celebrated for 12 days? (Hence the song.) Imagine that holiday bill. Twelve long days of presents, feasting, stocking stuffers, figgy pudding, indigestion and tinsel. Seriously. Seven swans a-swimming sounds like no small expense.

Though Christmas is technically now just the one day, your budget might feel like it’s still 12. The multiple celebrations and costs can really add up. If you wait until December to prep your money, you might feel like coal is your only option.

Avoid the coal. We’ve got six steps you can take to budget for an all cash Christmas. That way, after all’s said and done on December 25, you’ll be sitting in a pile of wrapping paper and memories, not debt. Because the world may tell you charging all those gifts then paying them off well into March is normal—but buck the norm. After all, Rudolph was weird, and he saved Christmas.

If you want a legit perfect ending to a perfect day, start now, start here:

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Everydollar Celebrates One Million Budgeters

Everydollar Celebrates One Million Budgeters

EveryDollar just passed the one-million-budgeters mark! One! Million!

We’re a little excited. Can you tell? This milestone means more to us than a number. It means more debts paid off, more savings accounts funded, and more lives changed. And it means way less stress for a lot more people.

For those of you who joined us in this budgeting movement, thank you! And for those of you who are ready to take control of your money for the first time, welcome!

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