18 Apps That Will Save You Mad Cash

Apps are glorious little buttons that make life easier—or at least more fun. You can listen to podcasts while running, keep all your rewards cards in one place, and score instant coupons with a single click!

The only thing better than a great app is a great free app. That’s why we compiled this list of free money-saving apps you need in your arsenal. Because no one should ever have to experience FOMA (fear of missing apps)!

The Coupon Givers

When you can’t find a discount elsewhere, Hobby Lobby’s simple app has 40% off one regularly priced item all the time. Just pull it up, show your cashier, and you’re done. Stores like Michael’s, Ulta and Old Navy have reliable apps to help your wallet as well.

The Deal Scanners

Want to see if you can find a coupon for a specific item? Take a picture with SnipSnap. It’s online assistant, Scout, searches for coupons, rebates, price matches and online deals. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try RetailMeNot or Coupon Sherpa. For a cash-back option on your purchases, Ibotta’s got you covered.

The Gas Savers

For the cheapest gas around, Gasbuddy is your friend. This is especially helpful when you’re on vacation and not familiar with your surroundings. And if you’re traveling for work, Mile IQ will track your mileage for later reimbursement and tax purposes.

The Ride Sharers

If you haven’t tried Uber or Lyft yet, these apps can get you anywhere you need to go without the hassle of a taxi or rental. They save you time and money, plus you get to meet a new friend with insider information into the town you’re visiting!

The Bed Finders

For your next getaway, try AirBnB to discover super affordable rooms, apartments or whole houses to rent. If you prefer a hotel and you’re flexible enough to wait until the last minute, Hotel Tonight can score you an amazing discount on unfilled rooms.

The Heavy Hitters

Walmart Savings Catcher allows you to scan your receipt after your purchase and get an eGift card if a competitor has a lower advertised price. Target enthusiasts know that Cartwheel is the cherry on top of their shopping experience. Scan the app to see if your purchases are on sale, and you could land an easy 25% off or more! Nice!

The Life Savers

A trip to the grocery store can get expensive if you start impulse buying magazines and Mars bars in the checkout lane. (We’ve all done it!) Wunderlist is a great way to plan out your grocery list and stick with it! To keep your money for groceries and everything else organized all month long, use EveryDollar’s iPhone or Android App. You can even sync up your budget with your spouse so you’re on the same page with your money goals.

We all lead busy lives. Let these apps make your daily shopping, traveling, and planning easier and less expensive. Download your favorites and start saving more money toward what matters most to you.

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