Make a Habit of These 3 Things to Win With Money

We all know that winning with money starts with a budget.

But, sometimes life gets a little crazy. You’re trying to do a thousand things at once and suddenly you haven’t had a chance to peek at your budget in a week. Or two.

Fortunately, there are three tiny habits you can put in place to kick those oh shoot moments to the curb. And the best part? They’re super easy to do!

1. Use EveryDollar reminders. Set up reminders in the EveryDollar iPhone app and your budget will always feel the love it deserves. You can create a reminder to make a new budget at the end of one month or the start of a new one. You can also set weekly reminders to track your transactions. No more forgetting to budget or letting those transactions pile up in the queue.

set up reminders

2. Track your transactions. Tracking your spending is the best way to stay on top of your budget. You may say you’re going to spend $100 on groceries this month, but if you’re really paying $200 or more, you need to know so you can make some adjustments and keep winning with money!

Pro tip: Use EveryDollar Plus and your transactions will be waiting for you when you sign in. No more entering transactions manually. Talk about a time saver!

track your transactions

3. Check out your chart. You have access to three handy charts with your EveryDollar budget: Planned, Spent and Remaining. Don’t make yourself do the hard math when you can easily toggle over to see exactly how much money you have left to spend in each category. Work smarter, not harder.

remaining chart

These habits may be small, but they are mighty. And the best part? They require minimal effort.

So go ahead and make these tiny tweaks to your budgeting process, then let EveryDollar do the rest.