how to budget when no one else is

How to Budget When No One Else Around You Is

Summer craziness is heating up! Everywhere you look, people are posting pictures on Facebook of their weekends at the lake or talking about the beach condo they’ll rent next month. Chances are, your friends are spending a lot on these adventures, and you may be wondering, Am I the only one who’s sticking to a budget?


It can be tough to focus while everyone is in summer party mode—but we’ve got your back.

Here are six ways to keep yourself committed to your budget in the middle of the hot-weather hoopla.

1. Factor in more fun money. Summer may be your favorite time to have some extra fun, so give yourself some extra money to make it happen! Adjust your budget categories to provide additional cash for trips to Baskin Robbins, a few rounds of mini-golf, or even a small day trip.

2. Remind yourself of your goals. You may be saving for a car or a family getaway this fall. Don’t let your friends’ summer spending distract you from that! Stay patient, write down your goals, and put them someplace where you’ll see them often. This will make accomplishing those goals even more satisfying.

3. Celebrate your wins. Crank up the playlist on your smartphone and have a dance party when you add more to your savings or put extra money toward your debt.

4. Limit your social media time. All those Disney World pictures on Facebook and Instagram can pull you away from your plan and put you into a spend-more-money mood. Spend more of your day reading or hanging out with family or friends and less on social media.

5. Be cool with saying no. Budgeting means choosing your priorities. If you plan to buy tickets to see Adele with your friends, then do it! Have a great time! But, if you want to save your money for something else, it’s all right to say no when your friends invite you.

6. Set a good example. Budgeting is a great thing. Smile and have a positive attitude because you are in control of your money and on track to reach your money goals. Your friends will notice the vibe you’re putting out and it may rub off on them.

You can have fun during the summer while sticking to your monthly budget. In fact, having a plan with EveryDollar can take away your money stress—which makes your hot-weather fun all the more enjoyable!

Stay on track with your money goals this summer by creating a free budget with EveryDollar.