9 Money Truths Everyone Needs for a Stress-Free 2017

If we’re being honest, we realize budgeting gets a bad rap. People think it’s a lot of math. And boring. And restrictive.

But the truth about budgeting is way different! That’s because a budget allows you to spend with confidence and without guilt. It’s a time-saver and a money-saver. It’s a mental breather.

And we all could use more of that in our lives. Here are nine you-need-to-hear-these budgeting truths for the new year. Get started and stop worrying.

You must decide to change. No one can do it for you. #PlanToWin

plan to get out of debt

Tell your money where to go—before it gets lost in the proverbial couch cushions. #EveryLastCent

budget every dollar

Plan for what’s most important in your life. Let the other stuff go. #YOLO

be intentional with your time and money

You become better from being around better. #BudgetersUnite

hang out with people who help you grow

Change your mind. Change your life. #MentalToughness

change start with your attitude

It takes time to learn how to budget. But once you do, you’ll be unstoppable! #MomentumIsForReal

it takes time to learn how to budget

If you want to win with money, make budgeting a priority. Create your budget every month to stay focused. #NeverGiveUp

it's harder to give up on written goals

They hold you accountable. #MakeStrides

budgets don't hold you back

Believe in yourself. Believe in your goals. #YouGotThis

You're worth it. Your future is worth it.

Start believing in yourself and your money goals in 2017. Then follow through with a plan that works. A hardworking budget can make all the difference in your life. A budget means less stress, more freedom and way more winning.