What These People Are Doing Now Because They Started Budgeting

Some people hear the word budget and cringe! They think a budget is something that holds you back and keeps you from living the life you want.

Not these EveryDollar budgeters.

When they hear the word budget . . . their eyes light up. They see opportunities everywhere. They have permission to spend, save and give to their heart’s desire. The world is their oyster!

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out what these EveryDollar budgeters are doing because their budget said they could.

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5 Ways to Save $1,000 Quickly

To take control of your money situation, one of the first things to do—even before getting out of debt—is to save $1,000. 

That $1,000 provides a little cushion between you and life—a flat tire, an unexpected doctor’s visit, a leaky pipe under your sink. When you save $1,000 before you start getting out of debt, you can cover any unexpected smaller emergencies without breaking a sweat.

Here’s how to save $1,000 quickly:

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This Couple Paid Off $35K: Here’s How They Communicated Through It

Money conversations can often drive a wedge between couples. There’s usually a nerd who is nearly as dedicated to the numbers as they are to their spouse. And then there’s a free spirit who gets chills down their spine if they even hear the word “budget.”

But Hailey and Isaiah found that the couple who budgets together, sticks together.

“Besides us getting out of debt, the best thing that has come out of this is the communication skills and growth,” Hailey said.

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