How This Family Feeds Five for $100 a Week

What if you could feed a family of five for $100 a week?

That’s exactly what Chris and his wife are doing, thanks to their determination to live on a single income in northern California! And while sunny California is a beautiful place to be, the cost of living is high and the taxes are even higher. “You almost have to have two working spouses contributing to the household income,” Chris said.

But when he and his wife started talking about the possibility of having children, they decided they wanted to find a way to make it work. “It’s one of the reasons we sold our home,” he said. “We couldn’t afford our payment because it was about half of our combined monthly income at the time.”

Now, thanks to a lot of hard work, they’re happily living on just one income and have three beautiful children, ages 4, 3, and 5 months. “It was right about the time we started using EveryDollar that we were able to really hone in on our expenses and income and determine whether it would be financially possible for her to stay home,” Chris said.

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6 Apps to Help You Save Money on Summer Travel

If you spent months saving for your upcoming vacation, you want to make every dollar count. After all, in the famous words of Donna Summer, you worked hard for the money. So while you’re looking forward to some much-needed R and R, you still want to stick to the budget.

That’s where travel apps come in. Whether you are in the early planning stages or already enjoying your time away, there are hundreds of apps you can use to make the most of your vacation budget.

Rather than send you on a wild-goose chase to find the best ones, we’ve done the research and narrowed down the list for you! Here are six travel apps you need to check out if a vacation is in your future.

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10 Budgeters Share Their Best Tips

Making and sticking to a budget is the key to taking control of your money. It’s the secret weapon that can transform your finances. Plus, it’s actually pretty fun and really easy!

Once you start budgeting, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start. But, if you’ve never budgeted before, getting it just right can take a little while. In fact, most people need about 90 days to perfect the process.

To get that I’m-the-boss-of-my-money feeling, you must be patient as you learn the ins and outs of budgeting. It’s like riding a bike. No one’s an expert at first. But if you stick with it, you’ll become an ace!

To help you power through the learning phase, here’s some of the best and most encouraging advice for new budgeters, from EveryDollar users just like you!

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April Challenge: 7 Spring Solutions for Your Money

Spring is the time of year when you feel revitalized and ready to weed, dust and generally take on the world. There’s something in the air—blame it on the buttercups.

But before you start doing all that manual labor, we have a few low-impact projects that can pay off just as big. Take this month’s challenge and add these seven money-saving items to your spring cleaning list:

1. De-winterize your budget. Take a look at your budget. What have you been paying for all winter that can go? For example, you won’t need heat (or air conditioning!) for a few months. Hello screen doors and ceiling fans. Or do you have some magazine or TV subscriptions you can ditch now that you’ll be outside every chance you get?

Spring solution: Put that extra money to good use somewhere else, like gardening or lawn care. If you plant a few herbs and tomatoes, you can even offset your grocery costs for the spring and summer. Delish!

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10 Budgeters Share Grocery Savings Tips That Really Work

You round the final corner of the dairy aisle and roll your overflowing grocery cart toward the checkout line. As the cashier scans each item, you keep an eagle eye on the register and watch the total climb. The last item glides across the scanner, and boom—you stayed on budget!

It’s a great feeling!

But you start to wonder if you can find ways to spend even less on groceries than you already are—especially since you need to start saving for your fun summer plans! Even if you could shave $50 out of your food budget each month, you could easily save up an extra $200 to put toward that family vacation to the beach or a new spring wardrobe.

That’s why we asked our EveryDollar budgeters to share their best money-saving tips for grocery shopping. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Plan for leftovers.

Menu plan and shop only for what's on the list. When making the menu, plan for leftovers at lunch. I repurpose the leftovers into a new meal (grill chicken fajitas then make chicken tortilla soup with leftover chicken).

— Heather S.

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