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Seven Commonly Missed Expenses for October

The new season is falling into place. (See what we did there?) Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the autumn activities: they can become a lot. A lot of awesome, yes—but also a lot on your wallet, if you aren’t ready. But you’ll be ready for all of it—the leaf-crunching and apple-munching, pie-baking and costume-making. How? Just remember these seven items when you set up October’s budget.

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How to Save $100 or More at Grocery Stores

How to Save $100 or More at Grocery Stores

It happens to all of us: You’re staring down an open fridge door with these words stammering through your tired brain, What on earth will I make for dinner? At this point, either everything or nothing looks good. You end up tossing together what you call a “one-pot wonder,” knowing it would make Gordon Ramsay burst into fury. Or more often than not, you throw in the kitchen towel and run to the nearest burger hut.

At the end of the month, despite the lack of food in the fridge, your grocery budget is still absolutely annihilated. How does it happen? Why does it keep happening?

We know! It’s because you don’t have a plan. But don’t worry. We’ve got so many plans, and we want to help!

Let’s start with this: We’ll show you how to save major cash on groceries each month. The next 11 tips will help you spend better, save more, and eat well. 

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How to Create a Wedding Budget

In the olden days, marriage began with a herd of goats, a small ceremony with a minister to make it official, a prim church organist banging out “Canon in D,” and maybe a potluck to celebrate the nuptials. But today, marriage begins with more pomp and circumstance. In fact, it’s a giant to-do—which comes with a giant to-do list.

Far from a chore, though, your wedding can be one of the most memorable and special days of your life! But before you jump all in to the Pinteresting, planning and prepping, you need to pause and take these four solid steps forward. 

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How to Close Out Your Monthly Budget

When you were young, you probably believed in the tooth fairy: a spritely creature with an affinity for enamel who fluttered in and traded quarters for dislodged teeth.

You’re all grown up now and put those flights of fancy behind you—yet maybe you still hope for a budget fairy to track your expenses, update your spending totals, and set up next month’s budget categories.

Nope. This is the real world, with adult teeth and adult financial responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is closing out your monthly budget. Even though that sounds overwhelming or like one more task to clutter your to-do list, it isn’t that bad. We promise.

If you want to know how to close out your monthly budget, you don’t need magic. You just need to follow these five, simple steps. 

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Cash In on Clutter in Your Life

New season, new you, right? And with the start of something new, it’s time to clear out the old. Clutter’s no sign of success—and it brings layers of confusion and chaos. So let’s ditch the disorder!

For our September challenge, we’ve got some helpful steps for clearing out the mental, physical and financial clutter in your life. You might just find that doing so will help you save money and give your budget a boost. Here’s how to cash in on the clutter:

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