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How to Set and Reach Your Financial Goals

A goal is a wish your heart makes . . . when you’re wide awake and ready to start getting things done.

And it's time to get things done with your money—to set and reach your financial goals.

Part of being an adult is realizing there’s no fairy godmother who makes your money wishes come true—which is good, because it also means your dollar bills won’t turn into pumpkins at midnight. The trade-off is, you’ll have to work to make these financial goals come true. But you can do this—because it’s worth it.

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prevent Christmas stress

10 Money Tips to Prevent Christmas Stress

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through that day, the adults kept on swearing, “It shouldn’t be this way! We shouldn’t be so flustered—we hate all the hoopla!” Then, they stress ate the cookies the kids made for Santa.

Most of us can relate to this story, because Christmas stress is denying us the true joys of the season. But no more! It’s time to say “Bah! Humbug!” to holiday hassles and actually enjoy Christmas this year.

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