4 Ways to Save for Summer Fun

4 Ways to Save for Summer Fun

No matter how old we get, summer still holds a special appeal.

By the time June rolls around our thoughts roam from swimming pools to the beach to water parks and back to swimming pools. Once the hot weather hits, we’re all about summer fun!

The only downside is summer fun can get a little pricey. And we’re here to help! Here are a few ideas for cutting costs and saving cash, so you can make room in your budget for the stuff summers are made of.

Save Money for Summer

1. Host a garage sale. Gather together your forgotten and no-longer needed items. Price them to sell and promote the event online and in your neighborhood. You might just rake in a few hundred bucks in one morning!

2. Plan out your meals. Decide up front and on purpose what you’ll eat before the week begins. (Sound like budgeting, right? It is!) With a meal plan you can save money—and time—by not overspending when you shop.

3. Cut your cable, ditch the movie theater, and sign up for a library card. Ditch all of those expensive, and mostly unwatched, channels in favor of more affordable options like the library. Save on beach reads and lazy movie days by borrowing your books and flicks for free. The average family spent around $243 a month on entertainment in 2016.¹ That’s $2,913 a year! Think of all the money you could save for summer fun just by cutting your entertainment budget.

4. Check your insurance rates. You could be overpaying on home or auto insurance and not even realize it! Our Endorsed Local Providers will do the leg work for you, comparing prices and offering options to best suit your needs. On average, according to our surveys, our insurance professionals save customers $731 a year on home and auto insurance premiums.

If you’re like us, you’ve got a swimsuit sitting in your shopping cart online just begging for a chance to be bought. The only question is: Which “saving for summer fun” strategy will you try first?

Make your extra summer money work for you by adding it to your EveryDollar budget. When you budget for fun, you have permission to spend all summer long!