How This Budgeter Used EveryDollar to Grow a Successful Business

Jennifer wasn’t quite sure what she was getting herself into when she launched her business five years ago. “I started it the absolute wrong way,” she admitted.

She might not have known all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, but she did know a thing or two about baking. “I started this little business out of my home,” she explained. It was the most wonderful time of the year, and she decided to make chocolate-covered cookies and decorate them to look like Christmas characters.

Little did she know this decision would change her whole life.

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How One Teacher Found $400 a Month to Pay Down Debt

When Katie B. from Zanesville, Ohio, left the corporate world for a new career as a high school business teacher, she knew the 50% drop in her pay would require some financial adjustments.

Having followed in her dad’s footsteps to a career in business, Katie found the work took too much time away from her family. In an effort to reclaim her schedule while still pursuing her passion for business, she decided to teach instead.

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How This Couple Is Living the Debt-Free Life

Jessie and Chris had a busy year in 2016.

They were newlyweds learning the ins and outs of marriage, and Jessie had just started a brand-new job. Those two changes alone are a lot to take on in a single year, but they also managed to pay off their debt, too!

“Right after we got married, we started talking about our future and how we wanted to be successful,” Jessie explained. “For the first time ever, we came together and said, ‘Okay, what’s our plan?’”

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4 Real Couples Share How a Budget Changed Their Lives

It’s time to celebrate your successes!

Think of all you accomplished in 2016 and the people you accomplished those things with. Don’t focus on anything you didn’t get done. Look at the positive strides you made that you can be proud of. It’s important to stop and give yourself some credit for what you’ve done well!

This coming year, you’re going to accomplish even more amazing goals and share even more amazing memories with the people you love. But before you start making big plans, we wanted to give you a little inspiration to help you stay in the zone.

Here are four of our favorite money wins from EveryDollar budgeters!

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How This Couple Found an Extra $400 in One Month

Within their first month of budgeting with EveryDollar, Scott and Joanna F. found an extra $400 to put toward their emergency fund. What they found in money, they lost in stress.

“When EveryDollar came out, we were really trying to finish up our emergency fund—and it just felt like it was taking so much longer than we wanted.” Joanna says. “I think the visual nature of EveryDollar is what really helped us, because we could see the numbers better.”

Little did they know, they were about to unlock a world of freedom with a better budget!

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How This Busy Family Stays Focused on Paying Off Debt

Keeping up with your budget can be a challenge when you’re a busy family. Just ask Jimmy C. and his wife, who live in South Carolina. With two boys and a hectic schedule, they struggled to keep up with their money. In fact, they’d gotten off track with their spending, too.

Then Jimmy found EveryDollar.

“I looked at a couple of other budget tracking apps, but I didn’t find anything like what I wanted. When it [EveryDollar] finally came out, I got it pretty quick,” Jimmy said.

And it was exactly what the couple needed to get back on track. With the app on their phones, they could keep up with their money in real time.

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No More Spreadsheets: How This Couple Found a Compromise With Budgeting

Like many couples, Michael T. and his wife Lisa were on different pages about money. For one thing, they struggled with how to best keep track of their income.

I had a complicated Excel spreadsheet that I would try to show her and get her to use and follow. And this was before we were married, when we had separate bank accounts. My spreadsheet was formatted in such a way that only made sense to me. For somebody who’s not a budgeting nerd, it was hard for her to follow.”

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How These Budgeters Paid Off $26,000 in a Little Over a Year!

Before they started using EveryDollar, Rachel and Shawn G. didn’t really budget. They sort of planned what they were going to spend for the month, but they didn’t stick to it. And they definitely didn’t pay more than the minimum on their $26,000 worth of car debt.

All that changed when this Charleston, West Virginia, couple discovered the free budget app. For the first time, they began planning and tracking their spending together. And they soon realized how much money they were wasting each month.

They found enough “extra” cash to bump up their debt payment from $670 to $1,400 a month! That’s more than double their original payment! And after 14 months of hard work and smart spending, they are now completely debt-free (and heading to Disney World with cash in their pockets!).

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Deployed to Debt-Free: How This Couple Paid Off $108,000

When Joel was deployed to Iraq in January 2015, he and his wife Nargis (both U.S. Army captains) were two months away from becoming parents and had more than $100,000 in total debt. Being able to talk about money was difficult but important. But EveryDollar made it easy for them to communicate without saying a word.

“While I was deployed, it helped to streamline our conversations about finances,” Joel says of the budgeting tool. “When we actually talked online or on the phone, we didn't have to spend any time talking about money. We communicated about money through the EveryDollar iPhone app. It is formatted in a way that makes budgeting really easy.”

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How This Family Found An Extra $700 a Month

Making an EveryDollar budget helps Jody S. and her husband, Stephen, breathe easier. Like, $700-a-month easier.

That’s how much money they figured out they were overspending when they signed up in January and saw the numbers.

“We didn’t realize how much we spent on eating out and grocery trips,” Jody says. She adds they would spend $100 a month on little trips to Target and Walmart.

“We weren’t telling our money where to go, so we were just spending it! I remember looking back, saying ‘What did we buy this month? Where did it all go? We have no money!’” she says.

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