The Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

With online grocery services cropping up all over the place, you can fill your shopping cart from the comfort of your couch! And depending on the service, you’ll either receive those kitchen staples at your house or in your car.

That’s a lot of time and energy saved for a whole lot of shoppers.

But does online grocery shopping save money too? First, let’s take a look at the facts. Then, we’ll share what EveryDollar budgeters have to say about getting their groceries online.

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How to Meal Plan to Save Time and Money

Meal Planning Saves Time, Money and Sanity. Here’s How You Can Make It Happen in Your Home.

Ever follow an Instagram account just to see regular posts of amazingly perfect food photos? Yeah, us too!

Add in all those time-lapsed videos of the cooking process, and you’ll be salivating before your kids can interrupt to say, “What’s for dinner?”

But there’s food fantasy and then there’s reality. And while almost no one can whip up dinner in 60 seconds flat, you can make the journey from store to table a whole lot easier with meal planning.

What Is Meal Planning?

A meal plan is like a budget for your food. You decide up front and on purpose what you’ll eat for dinner throughout the week. You can have pizza seven nights in a row, go out to eat on odd-numbered days, or cook every single meal at home. It’s totally up to you!

Meal planning done right can change the game for both your family and your budget. Read on to learn how.

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How This Family Feeds Five for $100 a Week

What if you could feed a family of five for $100 a week?

That’s exactly what Chris and Lydia are doing, thanks to their determination to live on a single income in northern California! And while sunny California is a beautiful place to be, the cost of living is high and the taxes are even higher. “You almost have to have two working spouses contributing to the household income,” Chris said.

But when he and Lydia started talking about the possibility of having children, they decided they wanted to find a way to make it work. “It’s one of the reasons we sold our home,” he said. “We couldn’t afford our payment because it was about half of our combined monthly income at the time.”

Now, thanks to a lot of hard work, they’re happily living on just one income and have three beautiful children, ages 4, 3, and 5 months. “It was right about the time we started using EveryDollar that we were able to really hone in on our expenses and income and determine whether it would be financially possible for her to stay home,” Chris said.

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3 Grocery Shopping Habits That Are Costing Everyone Time and Money

Grocery shopping is one of those don’t-want-to-but-have-to tasks in life.

It takes too long, costs too much, and usually involves way more patience than you bargained for (we’re looking at you, dude in front of us with a cart full of individual yogurts and five price checks).

While we can’t help the situation with the slow guy in line, we can help with the time and money parts of your trip. Here are three costly grocery shopping habits and how to break free from them.

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The Surprising Way to Save $1,500 on Groceries

Americans waste a ton of food. Like one in four bags of groceries, according to Consumer Reports.

What’s more surprising is how much money we’re losing on all that food waste: For a family of four, it adds up to about $1,500 a year! That’s basically a week on the beach.

So if you find yourself tossing out more wilted celery or way-past-the-expiration-date greek yogurt than you’d like, we have a simple plan to help! Here are six steps to saving more food and more money.

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9 Easy Tweaks to Make to Your Grocery Budget (Summer Edition!)

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the grocery store.

We love having food in our fridge, but we hate figuring out what to cook, shopping for all the ingredients, and handing over our hard-earned cash each week. But we’ve all got to eat!

So how can you save more time and money on this necessary task?

While there’s no magic number for how much your grocery budget should be (that varies based on family size and income), there are some easy ways to keep your family fed for less. Especially during the summer months when fresh fruits and veggies are on sale!

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How This Family Saved $600 a Month in Groceries

Jessica I. from Seattle was able to trim $600 from her budget each month using EveryDollar—and it was all coming from groceries!

“We spent so much on groceries without even realizing it. So when we first started with EveryDollar, I plugged in what we had spent on everything the previous month to see how much we actually spent on groceries. We were spending $600 more than we do now! All because we got on a plan and became more intentional.”

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