3 Grocery Shopping Habits That Are Costing Everyone Time and Money

Grocery shopping is one of those don’t-want-to-but-have-to tasks in life.

It takes too long, costs too much, and usually involves way more patience than you bargained for (we’re looking at you, dude in front of us with a cart full of individual yogurts and five price checks).

While we can’t help the situation with the slow guy in line, we can help with the time and money parts of your trip. Here are three costly grocery shopping habits and how to break free from them.

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This 5-Step Guide to Meal Planning Will Save You Money

We’ve all been there—getting a quick lunch at the drive-thru or picking up a pizza on the way home because it’s just easier that way. You don’t have time to cook, much less make a shopping list! At least that’s what it can feel like.

While it may seem easier to grab food while you’re out, spending a little here and there can really cut into your budget by month’s end. We have a better way to control your cash and still enjoy your life. And it all starts with a plan.

With some easy prep work before the month begins, you can make a huge impact on your food budget. Here are five steps to becoming a money-saving, meal-planning pro:

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The Surprising Way to Save $1,500 on Groceries

Americans waste a ton of food. Like one in four bags of groceries, according to Consumer Reports.

What’s more surprising is how much money we’re losing on all that food waste: For a family of four, it adds up to about $1,500 a year! That’s basically a week on the beach.

So if you find yourself tossing out more wilted celery or way-past-the-expiration-date greek yogurt than you’d like, we have a simple plan to help! Here are six steps to saving more food and more money.

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9 Easy Tweaks to Make to Your Grocery Budget (Summer Edition!)

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the grocery store.

We love having food in our fridge, but we hate figuring out what to cook, shopping for all the ingredients, and handing over our hard-earned cash each week. But it’s part of life—a big part of it.

So how can you save more time and money on this necessary task?

While there’s no magic number for how much your grocery budget should be (that varies based on family size and income), there are some easy ways to keep your family fed for less. Especially during the summer months when fresh fruits and veggies are on sale!

Here are nine coupon-free tweaks that will change your summer grocery shopping (and dinner plans) for the better:

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