Make Your Life Easier With These 4 EveryDollar Features

Make Your Life Easier With These 4 EveryDollar Features

You can use EveryDollar to create a budget, manage money, and track spending from virtually anywhere, whether you’re using a computer, iPhone or Android. Plus, it automatically syncs across all your devices. You will always be up to date on your money!

It’s also helped thousands of people save money, eliminate debt, and hit their financial goals. But wait, there’s more! Check out these four useful EveryDollar features you can use to make budgeting easy and fun—and still win with money!

Easy EveryDollar Features to Try

1. Multi-Transaction Drop

Maybe you’re an avid saver. You go to three different grocery stores to get the most bang for your buck on meat, fruit and pantry essentials. You—and your budget—are happier than ever!

Now you have multiple transactions to put into your grocery category. Forget dragging and dropping each of those purchases individually. With EveryDollar Plus, you can select all your grocery transactions at once and drag them into their designated category in one fell swoop. Sweet!

drag and drop transactions

2. Split Transactions

Say you go to the grocery store and pick up some fresh vegetables, a bottle of shampoo, and a gift card to give your coworker for her birthday. You spent $40, but you don’t want to put all those items in your grocery budget. Besides, it isn’t like you plan on serving shampoo for dinner this week.

No worries. EveryDollar lets you split your transaction into separate categories. Instead of typing in two or three transactions, spare your fingers the stress and let EveryDollar do it for you. Now you can work smarter, not harder!

split transactions

3. Debt Reduction Tool

We all know getting out of debt takes a lot of hard work. But that doesn’t mean budgeting and tracking your progress should be hard, too. If you’re using EveryDollar Plus on your computer, you can plug in your debts and let EveryDollar automatically sort them into the order you should pay them off.

Pretty cool, right? This lets you see all your payments at a glance and know which one to tackle first. And trust us—it’s going to feel great to watch that list shrink as you knock them out using the debt snowball method. You’ll free up that extra income before you know it!

pay off debt

4. Bank Syncing

Paper receipts pile up, collect dust, and clutter your house. Nobody wants that. But if you use EveryDollar Plus, you can say farewell to those paper piles for good. This feature lets you sync your bank account directly to your budget and automatically pulls in your transactions so you never have to worry about keeping track of receipts again!

Plus, syncing up your bank account means you don’t have to manually update your budget every time you make a purchase. It all comes together in one place. Talk about simple!

These EveryDollar features make budgeting easy, fun and convenient—freeing you up to enjoy the best things in life. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for EveryDollar and start winning with money today!