Try These 3 Money Moves This Weekend

Setting small goals can help you take control of your money, and Friday through Sunday is a prime time to do just that and give your budget a boost. We’ve got three things for you to try this weekend:

1. Make your Thanksgiving menu. Hosting a Turkey Day dinner? Taking some stuffing or potatoes to someone else’s house? Tally up the cost of the foods you’re responsible for. That’s the key to knowing if you need to adjust your grocery budget or not.

2. Plan your next experience. People enjoy doing stuff more than buying it, according to studies in Psychology Today magazine. If you’re choosing between a Black Friday big-screen television sale and starting to budget for a summer vacation, go for the getaway. You’ll enjoy it more and you can buy the TV later.

3. Give a little. Look online and you’ll find tons of research on how giving money puts a smile on your face. Buy dinner for a struggling family or donate to your favorite cause to see what we mean. Then tell EveryDollar about it by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter using #JoyOfGiving.

Little money moves like these really help you build and fine-tune your budgeting skills. Get excited about that! It starts this weekend!