What’s Your Budgeting Personality? Take Our Fun Quiz!

What’s Your Budgeting Personality? Take Our Fun Quiz!

How many personality profiles have you taken over the years? Between Myers Briggs, Enneagram and The 5 Love Languages, you probably know yourself pretty well.

But what about your budgeting personality? Did you even know you had one?

Learn all about it with our fun, 11-question quiz, adapted from Financial Peace University. When you discover your inner budgeter, you discover how to make a better budget. Oh, and did we mention it’s fun?

Choose the statement that sounds more like you in each set.

You actually enjoy balancing your budget. You’d rather watch bad infomercials than balance your budget.
You throw food away on its expiration date. That’s what it’s there for! Expiration date? Meh, it still looks good.
Rules are important and should be followed. Rules are more like suggestions—it’s okay to bend them a little.
You’re always on time. You’re always 15 minutes late. Fashionably, of course.
You love planning the vacation almost as much as going on the vacation. Getaways are for going with the flow.
Recipes are an exact science and should be followed precisely. Your idea of a recipe is “a pinch of this and a pinch of that.”
You always read the introductions of books—where else would you start? Book introductions? People read those?
You organize your shoes by color. Or you will when you get home. You’re lucky to find a matching pair of shoes before you head out the door.
You get excited when the conversation turns to budgeting. You fall asleep anytime the word “budget” comes up.
“Living for the moment” sounds too risky. “Living for the moment” is the soundtrack of your life.
Clutter drives you crazy! It’s not clutter—it’s character!

Mostly A's: The Nerd

You’re awesome at crunching numbers. You look forward to firing up your computer and organizing your budget.It gives you a sense of satisfaction to see where your money is going each month and finding ways to make it work even better. Everything has a nice, neat place and you love it.

You could stand to be more awesome when it comes to budgeting in some fun. Make sure you’re giving yourself money for non-necessity categories, like going out to eat or watching a new release with your sweetie. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your income, as long as your budget says you can.

Mostly B's: The Free Spirit

You’re awesome at having fun. You’re the party! You don’t get too bogged down in the details and that frees you up to enjoy life. When it comes to the budget, you excel in the shopping and entertainment categories. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest!

You could stand to be more awesome when it comes to making a realistic budget. Try looking at last month’s expenses to see where your estimates were a little off. Then tweak your new budget so it’s not solely focused on fun. Savings is important too.

Find Some Balance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a nerd or a free spirit, anyone can build a great budget. Just be mindful of areas where you excel and areas where you struggle, then find the balance. And if you’re married, allow your spouse’s natural abilities to shine as well.

The best budgets (and the best people) are balanced ones.

Ready to give your inner nerd or free spirit a chance to shine at budgeting? Create a free budget at EveryDollar! It takes less than 10 minutes to set up (that’s for you, free spirits!) and you’ll be able to track and edit throughout the month. Happy budgeting!